EastSide 187 Homicide Bloods Is an Set From Brooklyn,NY That Was a Small Street Gang Before Becoming Blood on Febuary 5th 1999 They Got Connected To The UBN(United Blood Nation) And are Close To the 183 Gangsta Bloods And Also Too The IBG(Insane Blood Gang) They Later Relocated To Canada They Can Be Found in Almost 7 States on the Eastcoast And States Outwest like Texas,Arizona.They Beef With Gangs Within Their Turf.They also Go By The "H"Gang Or 187 Gang They are A Branchoff or HomeGrown Set of Blood Some Say They Had Ties To The Double I's Also.In the Roywood Neighborhood Of Canada Was a Gang Sweep Of Up To 10 Teens And 6 Adults All on Gang Activity Along With DCB(Dixie City Bloods) Who they are also Allies With They Have an Ethnicity Of Samoan,Polynesian,Black and White But Mostly African-American And Samoan They are Known To Wear Black Rags,Red Rags,Green Rags.They're Rank Structure Is Loose they Also Have A Clique Of 187 Homicide Bloods Known as The 5150 Bloods Who Are Also a Home-Grown Set.Age Members of the Gang Are 13-30 Years Old