Antonio Mendez
Biographical information



American (Hispanic origin)



Physical description

177 cm

Hair color


Eye color


Skin color


Familial and political information
Known family

Hector Mendez (Father - Missing)
Natasha Mendez (Mother - Dead)
Catarina Espionza (Auntie)
Catalina Mendoza (Girlfriend)


Brown Pride.

Miscellaneous information
Owned vehicles

BMX GT Performer


Antonio Mendo Mendez is a local drug dealer, currently settled at Idlewood, 218 Panopticom Apartments. Antonio could be seen at some local Idlewood - Corners, local bars or some underground fights, being pretty known around Idlewood.

Born by poor family in Mexico, while being 8 months old baby, he has been legally transported to America, being adopted by his auntie Catarina Espionza, after his parents died in a vehicle accident. Ages and ages have passed, Antonio was growing in America, in a poor apartment complex in America. His auntie was alcohol-addicted, so Antonio left school after five years, and started working for some cheap money. Soon, he met Kasper Hernandez and Cesar Avarisque on the streets so started chillin' with them. He was never too close with them, until he has decided to move to San Fierro with them, leaving his auntie with no-message. Soon, after a week, Antonio has decided to leave those guys, and return back to Los Santos, because he has seen them on streets less and less.

Soon, Antonio started making more and more problems on the streets, being involved with way more fights, until his auntie kicked him out of her apartment, saying that she doesn't want to know anything about him anymore. Soon, Antonio met a few guys chillin' at some local Apartments at Panopticom Avenue. Those guys were Joey Guttierez, Maria Montoya and Miguel Montoya, as he became more and more known on the streets.

Nowadays, Antonio can be seen more and more on the streets, being mainly more known as a local drug dealer. He can be seen riding his BMX GT Performer around Idlewood.