History of the neighborhoodEdit

Idlewood is a neighborhood of the Central Los Santos area consisting of a majority of African-American population with miscelaneous pockets of other ethnicities such as Irish-Americans.

The area was "born" as Robertville in the Great Depression as an area common with poverty and miserable rows of shanties populated by unemployed citizens struck hard with the effects of the recession such as ruined farmers and ranchers or layed-off personel from the bankrupt industries, notorious for it's considerable Irish population which at the time classified itself alongside San Fierro as one of the biggest welcoming centers for these ethnic groups in California.

As the 20th Century progressed, the Irish-American population spreaded over the city area and gave it's place to a booming African-American community that popularized the district as one of the most vibrant and liveliest centers of black culture through the seventies and the ninetees, with it's criminality raising as time progressed.

By the 1990's, Idlewood was already a world famous synonym of an african-american ghetto popularized by it's dangerous and uncertain lifestyle and the predominance of gang violence popularized over by the hip-hop culture and the general media.

The area is home to several housing projects such as the Mercy Projects and the Ferguson Projects which are mainly occupied by street gangs who use them as main points of manufacture and distribution of narcotics and to several businesses owned by Italian-Americans alongside the Pizza Stacks area and the Gas Station.

Mercy Avenue ProjectsEdit

The Mercy Avenue Projects were some of the most recent social housing projects built in the Central Los Santos area, with it's construction dating back to 1978 in order to provide a solution for the illegal housing situation that was plaguing both Ganton and Idlewood at the time.

The fact that it was conveniently located next to one of the city's busiest streets combined with the twists and turns on the buildings that allowed any native to take advantage from it's particularities made it a bonafide hotspot for the distribution of narcotics, with the crack epidemic in the ninetees taking a hard toll on the area.

The area's been known for the extreme gang violence that caused several deaths out of drug-related feuds or even some minor scraps with the local Department.


Idlewood is the GTA equivalent of the Inglewood district of Los Angeles.