Biographical information

Jase, Jay


United Kingdom


7th of May, 1985

Physical description




Hair color

Blonde, Grade 2 All Over

Eye color


Skin color

Slightly Tanned

Familial and political information
Miscellaneous information
Owned vehicles

2008 Ford F250

Jason is known to be a jack of all trades, whether that be behind the wheel of a car, or the stock of an assault rifle, he'll exceed all expectations and excel in what he does.

As a kid, Jason was always a thrillseeker, out for that mad rush to get him pumped up. Whether that was gooning around on motorcycles, joyriding stolen cars as a teenager with friends or being an idiot in general, he was down for it, just to feel that rush running through his veins.

Towards the end of Jasons high school career, he begun to drop off, grades slipping and his attendance decreasing rapidly, thus resulting in him missing his GCSE's, reciving a "U" on them all. With all of the bitching from his parents and family, being skint and needing a job, Jason needed an escape. Whilst walking through town one afternoon with some friends, they passed a British Army recruitment office. This had Jason thinking, being the person that he was, he didn't have to think for long, informing his parents of his decision he signed up to the Army.

Jason was a relatively physically fit boy, from being such an active kid, thus meaning he excelled in the training before being sent off to Afghanistan to serve, serving a full year before deciding to apply for the Special Air Service.

Despite the rigorous and tough training that comes with joining the SAS, Jason exceeded once again, he was an obvious natural for the job. He was then stationed in the SAS under the 22nd regiment, making his way to the rank of Lieutenant.


Jasons current state of employment is currenty unconfirmed, though some say he's turned to the dark side of making an income, putting his military earned skills to use on the streets of San Andreas.